When your income is derived through coffee it is essential your equipment meets the demands of your business.

Espresso Equipment technology has certainly come a long way. With the introduction of gravimetric technology, precision tamping tools such as the Puq Press and innovative milk frothers such as Ubermilk, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Zando offers a number of equipment options, including ‘Free On Loan’. We recommend reputable brands such as WEGA Polaris and La Marzocco espresso machines; grind on demand grinders including Sling Shot, Mazzer Electronic, Anfim and Mythos; plus precision tamping tools such as the Puq Press.

If you are looking to invest in equipment, Specialist finance companies such as SilverChef offer flexible funding solutions for the hospitality industry and may be worth considering.

If you’re planning on opening a café or espresso bar, or simply looking to upgrade your existing equipment budget, size and style are all important factors to be carefully considered. Not sure where to start and need some help with equipment selection? Our coffee specialists can guide you through the process.