Does your coffee sometimes taste sweet and luscious and other times weak and watery or overly bitter? Do you know how to use espresso recipes to dial in your coffee?

Maybe it’s time for some refresher training! Zando coffee offers barista training for cafes.

As the final custodian of the coffee beans, the role of the Barista is more important than ever. To remain relevant in this evolving café market, it is essential Baristas are fully trained and aware of industry current & best practices.

Here at Zando, we recognise the importance of training and education. By partnering with us you will have access to our expert coffee training, designed to support the success of your café.

Join us and let Zando teach you how to make quality coffee, consistently with our ongoing education and support.

After all, our mission is to provide your café with the products and support that will nurture strong growth, and barista training is a key element.