Zando is a family owned and operated, Multi-Brand coffee supplier based in Tasmania. We believe variety is the spice of life and our coffee portfolio reflects this, with a coffee solution and brand identify to suit all business needs.

Our diverse offerings to the discerning Tasmanian Café market include our very own Zando Brand, designed with the local market in mind. We also proudly partner with Zest Specialty Coffee, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters & JDE. And that’s not all…. We even have an option to customise and build a brand identity of your very own.

At the end of the day the success of your café depends on many things. Having the right mix of style, ambiance, product and service is essential, including the coffee brand you choose to partner with, your equipment solution, staff knowledge and of course quality, achieved through education and training. Zando will work with you to provide a brand that suits your needs, invest in equipment to help you deliver quality coffee consistently and invest time in educating your team on best practices to ensure your clientele enjoy consistently great coffee time and time again.

Ask yourself…. Does your café achieve your objective of growing coffee sales? Is your café inviting and is your menu, including your coffee offer, relevant in today’s market? Most importantly is your existing coffee solution the right fit for your business needs?

Our mission is to provide your cafe with the products, equipment and support that will nurture strong growth in profitable coffee sales and take your business forward fast. We will set your cafe apart from any other cafe! If you are interested in exploring this further we would love to hear from you.


This rich and complex traditional, Italian style coffee displays distinct floral notes, citric acidity, combined with intense dark chocolate flavours. A blend created with natural and washed coffees from Brazil, Tanzania and India, each roasted to their optimum sweet spot before blending to create this wonderfully full bodied and perfectly balanced coffee. Embrace this full bodied blend as an espresso or enjoy intense chocolate flavours combined with silky milk.

This alluring blend of washed and natural sundried Central American and African coffees are combined to create soft aromas of spiced caramel, malt biscuits, white grapes with bursts of grape fruit. Enjoy this sweet, bright and vibrant coffee as a dazzling espresso or combined with milk for a smooth and gentle coffee experience. Certainly a blend that will leave a lasting impression.

Generous tones of milk chocolate and hazelnut with a red berry aftertaste can be enjoyed by indulging in this rich, medium bodied blend of pulped natural and washed coffees from Central America, India and Papua New Guinea. Crema Supreme is a well balanced blend and a real favourite when served with milk.

This bold, velvety, low acidity blend offers an intense and exotic combination of vanilla, spice, dark cocoa and orange marmalade. Rich in flavour and perfectly balanced, this blend has a full body and lingering aftertaste with hints of peanut brittle.



Bring the Espressist Series to the table. Their amazing speciality coffee blends include Corcovado, Blackbird, Equinox, Ceora, African Mailman and Composition VII.

Corcovado: A rich, exceptionally smooth, easy drinking coffee blend with hints of chocolate, caramel, toffee, hazelnut and butterscotch. An absolute winner and all-rounder, displaying sweet notes as an espresso and carrying the delicious coffee flavours perfectly through milk, expressing the depth of a Brazilian coffee experience.

Blackbird: A coffee lovers coffee delivering sweet notes of English toffee, apricot, caramelised orange and malt chocolate. Balanced and harmonious, Blackbird is an exceptional blend harnessed from Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil.

Equinox: The enticing citrus flavour encompasses milk chocolate, caramel and honey that can be indulged in followed by a long clean finish.

Ceora: was designed to deliver a hearty brew reminiscent of traditional blend, with the capacity to carry a sweet, dense fruit note through milk. A composition of Tiger Mountain, Brazil Esmerelda and Sumatra Wahana displaying notes of butterscotch, baileys cream, dark chocolate and cherry.

African Mailman: was named after a Nina Simone track and is an absolute crowd pleaser. Bold, syrupy with positive body, this delicious blend was composed to deliver Chocolate pudding, plum jam, maple syrup, cream and berries.

Composition VII: An elite and daring blend of two African microlots combined to deliver Mango, Dark Berries, honeycomb, musk and citrus.

Click here to explore the Zest Coffee Roasters website.


Is our Sydney based coffee partner. Based in Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and with micro-roasteries throughout Australia. They, like us, offer a diverse range of crafted blends, each showcasing a different character. Their range includes Cat’s Pyjamas, Tazzina and Leaf and Berry.

Speciality by Seven Miles offer Cultivar and Wilde, blends specifically designed for Specialty Cafes and Espresso Bars.

Cat’s Pyjamas: Is a rich, luxurious and an exceedingly fancy coffee, with notes of maple syrup, cocoa and spice.

Tazzina: Café Blend is a classic full body espresso comprising Arabica and Robusta coffees. Café Blend delivers a malty, caramel sweetness, a delicate aroma of marzipan, a cocoa finish and a deep, long lasting crema.

Leaf and Berry: is a 100% fair-trade and organic coffee comprising beans grown in the cool mountain climates of Latin America and Papua New Guinea. A light to medium roast reveals notes of citrus, sweet caramel and hazelnut. The result is a complex blend and a deliciously balanced espresso that also helps contribute to a sustainable future.

Cultivar: Grown in the cool mists of the Costa Rican hillsides, the lush micro-climates of Ethiopia and the rich volcanic soils of Rwanda, Cultivar is a clean, crisp cup with notes of honey, caramel, malt and a prolonged fruity undertone. Cultivar Coffee blend won a Silver Medal in the Espresso Category at the 2017 Golden Bean Roasting Awards.

Wilde: In honour of Oscar Wilde, polarising and deliciously different. This specifically selected blend of fruit driven, natural processed coffees is for those looking for something truly remarkable. Expect wild-berry jam with sweet candy, rockmelon and nectarine, bright, rounded acidity and juicy body with a smooth vanilla finish.

Wilde won a Gold Medal for Espresso (black) and a Bronze Medal for Cappuccino (milk) at the 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards.

Click here to explore the Seven Miles website.


Jacob Douwe Egberts (JDE) satisfy all coffee categories and bring a Total Coffee Solution to the table.

Espresso options ideal for cafes, bakeries and restaurants comprise well respected Piazza Doro blends. JDE also provide a Private Label option through their Kingsgrove range.

Cafitesse: is a Liquid coffee extract supporting the Cafitesse Machine. The Cafitesse advantage provides 100% pure espresso with minimal wastage at the touch of a button. Having good coffee for high volume locations makes Cafitesse an ideal option for restaurants, hotels, offices, function centres, catering businesses and more.

Single Serve capsules and Moccona sticks are also available providing a coffee for every occasion.

Click here to explore the JDE website.


Or maybe you would prefer to create your own brand identity and create a unique experience for your customers that stands out from the crowd. Zando has the ability to help you make this happen.


The café industry is extremely progressive and the role of the barista has never been more important than it is today. There is a significant difference between a coffee machine operator and a trained barista. A trained barista can genuinely help drive coffee sales.

Not only is it important to employ skilled baristas for this key role within a café, it is important they have passion for their craft and a well rounded knowledge of coffee and equipment so they can impart that to their loyal café customers.

Here at Zando we recognise the importance of training and education. By partnering with us and any of our coffee offerings, our expert coffee training will help support the success of your café by providing your Barista or existing coffee machine operators with a training pathway to develop their knowledge and skills.

After all our mission is to provide your café with the products and support that will nurture strong growth, and Barista Training is a key element.


Our various Brand offerings are supported with tailored equipment solutions to suit your business needs. Quality equipment that is well maintained is an essential component of a well structured coffee supply solution and here at Zando we offer just that. We recognise the importance of regular preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment is always operating at its best, minimising down time. Our In-House technical support provided by our Zando Tech, provides our customers with peace of mind. Following every service you will receive a detailed service report outlining the maintenance provided to your equipment.

Café Support: Another essential component of a structured coffee supply solution is knowing there is someone at hand who will provide regular visitations to your business, provide guidance, check the machine function and support the development of your barista team. This is an integral part of the our support to our café partners and Zando will appoint a dedicated Account Manager to support your business needs.

Customer Service: Our dedicated and friendly Customer Service Team are always on hand to provide support and help with your ordering process or any questions you may have regarding your coffee and business operation.

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