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The Zando Coffee Team has put together a collection of helpful tutorials for you to use at a glance during barista training.

Specification Sheets

At Zando, we stock a selection of premium coffee machines that we consider to be the best options for cafes.
To download a specification sheet, just click on the icon of your preferred machine.

Zando Social Media Content

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Masked Owl Social Media Content

The magnificent Tasmanian Masked Owl is the inspiration for this blend. Did you know Masked Owls fall in love so deeply they partner for life, though sadly these beautiful birds are endemic to our island state. With this in mind, we pay homage to this magnificent bird by naming this blend the MASKED OWL, a blend you are sure to fall in love with forever. The Masked Owl is a versatile medium bodied coffee, with hints of sweet milk chocolate, mellow caramel, malt, peach and honeycomb. A blend to love forever!

Wilderness Social Media Content

The contours of the Tasmanian wilderness with its soaring peaks and pristine waterways is the inspiration for this blend. Like the Tasmanian wilderness, this timeless classic blend will be treasured for years to come.

Wilderness was created with pulped natural and washed coffees combined to reach peaks of perfection with its deep, rich aroma and notes of golden hazelnut and sweet red berry.

Huon Social Media Content

The Iconic Huon Pine was named after the Huon River, South of Hobart, where the tree was first discovered. The river was explored in 1792 by the French Navigator, Jean-Michael Huon de Kermadec of the French Bruni D’Entrecasteaux Expedition. Now that’s a mouthful to say three times fast!

This exquisite golden hued timber, known as Green Gold, created prosperity on which the economy was built. The complex texture of the Huon Pine was the inspiration for this blend. With a rich, syrupy body and flavours of stone fruit and dark chocolate, the Huon is perfectly suited towards milk-based coffees.

Fat Doe Social Media Content

The Clyde River in the Midlands of Tasmania was formerly known as the Fat Doe and is the inspiration for this blend.

The FAT DOE is such a cheeky little name and it’s a shame the European settlers sought to rename it. Rest-assured there is nothing conservative about this delightful, full-bodied flavour profile named in honour of the Fat Doe, with flavours reminiscent of chocolate pudding, plum jam, maple syrup, cream and berries.

Totem Social Media Content

The Totem Pole in Tasman National Park is a stunning dolomite rock formation, standing tall for over 100 years and is the inspiration for this blend.

Zando TOTEM is designed to stand the test of time, offering soaring heights of flavour. A sweet, rich and exceptionally smooth coffee, with hints of milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.

Tasmania Social Media Content

The Zando Collection was inspired by the beauty of Tasmania.

To help you tell your customers about the Zando Collection, we have gathered some inspirational images that you can share on social media.