Delight your customers with a selection of premium drinking chocolate. Zando is a proud supplier of ‘Grounded Pleasures’ range of Drinking Chocolate, Chai, Marshmallows and Panel sugar. The range offers several reasons to say yum! From Gluten Free marshmallows, to Fairly Traded Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate. Check out the range below.

ORIGINAL Drinking Choc

Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate is one of the most pure and rewarding chocolate experiences you can find. Sourced from the best cocoa growing regions, this is truly an incredible drinking chocolate.

Made with quality cocoa beans presenting a high cocoa butter content, it provides a remarkable textural mouth feel when blended with milk, creating an incredibly sumptuous and invigorating drinking chocolate. Served hot or cold, its sure to be an absolute winner.


Grounded Pleasures French Mint Drinking Chocolate is a delightful classic, subtly blended with fine Original cocoa and a hint of peppermint oil. The exquisitely complex, high notes of peppermint marry harmoniously with the deep-toned cocoa. The quality cocoa beans together with a minimum of processing, delivers very high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids.


Grounded Pleasures Seven Spice Sri Lankan Chai is a unique blend of seven freshly ground spices, sourced directly from some of the world’s finest spice farms. This authentic Chai contains spices combined with organic, unrefined jaggery sugar (evaporated sugar cane juice) and a natural Sri Lankan tea extract. Simply blend with hot milk and dust a little on top, to make a complex, delicious chai. Why not think outside the box & stand out from the crowd, by using this Chai to make gourmet muffins for your customers?


Grounded Pleasures Sicilian Orange Drinking Chocolate is a delightful classic, subtly blended with Original cocoa and just a hint of sublime, naturally extracted Sicilian orange oil. These flavours work in concert to lift the taste to a higher level in harmony. The quality cocoa beans together with minimum processing, means it has very high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids.


Grounded Pleasures Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate is influenced by a traditional Mexican drink, subtly blended with Original cocoa and a hint of dried chilli. The chilli adds a delicious complex note of slight heat to the deeply smooth cocoa notes.


Grounded Pleasures Real White Drinking Chocolate contains 20% Ghanian cocoa butter. Blended with ethically sourced Papua New Guinea vanilla to make for a truly luxurious cup of Real White Drinking Chocolate.


Not your run of the mill Marshmallows, these divine soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside Grounded Pleasure Marshmallows are a perfect finishing touch for any of our drinking chocolate products. These gluten free, preservative free and dairy free Marshmallows, made with natural colours and flavours are good enough to devour by themselves or toast over the campfire, but we just love melting them in our hot chocolate!


The ultimate 100% Organic Panela sugar is derived from high grown, delicious dried sugar cane juice. This allows the sugar to retain all its great flavours, molasses and beneficial nutrients and minerals. Our Organic Panela is not only a delicious natural sweetener for coffee, but also great for cooking and baking.