Take a look at some cafe industry trends in 2021.

The pandemic created worldwide changes to most industries, including the cafe industry. It meant quick changes to adapt, with options like contactless payments and delivery to your door.

It also changed the way a lot of people think about purchasing. Customers are becoming more eco-conscious and like to know about the origin and processes of things they consume.

coffee trends

Coffee Alternatives

It has been predicted that in 2021 and onwards, canned coffee will replace soft drinks as consumers become increasingly health conscious. A scientific study suggested that coffee consumption should not exceed four 8oz cups per day because of its high caffeine content. To substitute some coffees throughout the day, customers may look at Matcha tea and Brewed Cacao.

coffee alternatives

Matcha is produced with green tea leaves ground to a fine powder. You have the option to make matcha lattes, frappuccino’s and even lemonades!

Brewed Cacao is made by roasting, grinding and brewing cacao beans like you would coffee to unlock the rich nutrients. You can then deliver nourishing coffee alternatives that taste like a warm cup of dark chocolate.

If you are looking for a coffee alternative, we suggest trying these popular choices:

Arkadia Matcha Chai that is 100% natural

Arkadia Vanilla Chai that can be 98% fat free when made with the directions

Grounded Pleasures French Mint that is fairly traded and natural

Grounded Pleasures Sicilian Orange that is vegan friendly and gluten free

Coffee Flavoured

Another coffee industry trend prediction is that you may see a rise in coffee flavoured products. You can now get your coffee fix in the form of coffee flavoured bars, smoothies, yogurt and even alcohol.

Eco Friendly

Many business owners are exploring eco-friendly alternatives, such as plant based coffee cups and cup holders. It is also suspected that while coffee lovers enjoy the convenience of single-use pods at home, there is growing concern about the impact of plastic pods. Pod producers are addressing consumer concerns and are looking at recyclable coffee pods as a future option.

Why not this cafe industry trends for yourself!
If you would like to try some eco-friendly solutions, we suggest trying:

Art Series Biopak Coffee Cups that include designs by different artists every few months!

Future Friendly Coffee Cups that are made from bamboo!

Coffee Cup Carry Trays made from recycled materials

coffee industry trends

Buying Habits

Customers are changing their buying habits in the coffee industry, among others, they are becoming more conscious about where their coffee and products are coming from and seeking more authentic buying experiences. One study noted that customers will pay more for coffee that has a good story relating to its environmental and social aspects. A focus on specialty coffee with strong eco-conscious roots and a high score has been proven to be the way for cafes to go now and in the future.

Subscription Models

Since lock downs occurred, there has been a rise in subscription models, even for cafes selling coffee beans for their customers to brew at home.